At Zastroga we enjoy all outdoor activities including hiking, walking and running. We know and appreciate firsthand the importance of quality, outdoor gear. All of us adventurers share the need to have functional clothing and gear. We believe you can have it all without giving up a little style too. More and more clothing manufacturers are recognizing these demands and providing color, style and fit. It is our goal to present fashionable clothing and products without giving up functionality and durability. 

Being a small group of friends with the desire to provide what it takes to build a recognized brand, we begin with ZASTROGA.  But no matter how large we might grow, our roots remain firmly planted in the outdoors.  We possess a passion for outdoor adventure and hope your visit to our online store inspires you as well.

Zastroga is taken from the word Sastruga, being a series of long wavelike ridges formed on a snowy surface by the wind, only to fade away over time.  Like this we remind all adventurers to enjoy the outdoors and only leave footprints that fade away with the weather and time.

Look good in the woods: a passion for apparel and gear for hiking and outdoor activities with fashion and function.