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Thursday, November 10, 2011
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Look good in the woods: a passion for apparel and gear for hiking and outdoor activities with fashion and function. - America's Best Idea - the national parks - gets even better with several fee-free days at more than 100 national parks that usually charge entrance fees. Mark your calendar for the final fee-free days... - The effects of thin air are apparent before they become hazardous, and that perhaps explains why people worry about it when they need not. Acute mountain sickness (AMS) is undoubtedly dangerous but serious problems are most unlikely below altitudes of 2,000m. That said, people can and do get into trouble when ascending rapidly to modest altitudes by cable car, train or car, especially children, the elderly or those with lung or heart conditions... - Phew, Frank here. It has been a busy few weeks around the Our Hiking Blog household. Over the last four weeks I have led a seven, three and four day trip along the Great Ocean Walk in Victoria, Australia for Raw Travel. Today I am doing the preparation for my next 7 day trip commencing tomorrow... - The USDA Forest Service Forests to Faucets project uses GIS to model and map the continental United States land areas most important to surface drinking water, the role forests play in protecting these areas, and the extent to which these forests are threatened... - Biting cold numbs my face, but between deep breaths I hardly notice. The last stretch of rope feeds through my belay device as Scotty crests the final snow pyramid of Mt. Mausolus. Beyond him, a fiery sun sinks behind the erratic spine of the Revelations. The air is deathly still. The western sky burns in a spectrum of oranges and pinks. “We did it, Seth,” I whisper. “We did it.”

Until our ascent, Mt. Mausolus stood as one of Alaska’s proudest unclimbed summits, tucked away in the Revelation Mountains, a range few climbers even know exists... - It’s widely known that the best part of travel is sharing memories with other people. So what do you do if you’re traveling by yourself? Well, the simple answer is you make friends. The problem is it’s hard for many people to form friendships when they’re solo and outside their comfort zone.

I’m definitely one of those people who tend to be introverted. It’s not natural for me to start conversations with strangers. However, I’ve learned a number of tricks to help me overcome this personality trait and meet a lot of people. Some of whom will be lifelong friends...